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 We recruit All nations! Read here for details.

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We recruit All nations! Read here for details. Empty
PostSubject: We recruit All nations! Read here for details.   We recruit All nations! Read here for details. Icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2007 6:10 pm

Ok i know alot of people are wondering what the heck im thinking recruiting people from every nation, and i will explain the best i can here but please understand the Legion of Shadows works with a certain level of secrecy so if you want more details i can explain on AIM or in PM.

Basically we will be recruiting people of every nation, the base of operations for the guild will be the Pirate branch, the other nations will have branches aswell and all four groups will coordinate with each other to make for some very interesting gameplay, and for those thinking this idea is crazy we have examined very closely every facet of the game and feel 100% our plan will work out and be alot of fun to play....but i cant give the exact details on each branches function at this time.

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We recruit All nations! Read here for details.
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