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 Captian Evult ready for action

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PostSubject: Captian Evult ready for action   Captian Evult ready for action Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 2:23 pm

In-game name: Evult

Nation: (nation you plan to play as in game) Pirate

Profession: (if your not a pirate what profession you play as goes here) Pirate

Age: (real life age, but dont worry we accept members of all ages.) 28

A little about yourself: (just a short bio describing yourself and what your looking forward to most in PotBS and why you think you would be a good part of the Legion, be as detailed or brief as you wish).
pvp is my main focus but im looking forward to getting in the pve also. ive played since eq and ac, this is my first pirate game tho. looking forward to it.
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Captian Evult ready for action
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