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 Ahoy Matey's~ My Application

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Ahoy Matey's~ My Application Empty
PostSubject: Ahoy Matey's~ My Application   Ahoy Matey's~ My Application Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2007 10:31 am

In-game name: Miho Christiansan

Nation: Pirate!

Age: 24

A little about yourself: First, I would like to give a brief introduction of myself. I am currently living in Japan until June of 2008. This means I might be online at sporadic times. Once I return I will be online regularly at most times PST.

I have extensive MMO experience. I started with SWG and continued until I had unlocked my Jedi character. after CU number 2 I had two level 90 characters. My next MMO was Lineage II, ending my career with a level 65 Treasure Hunter. I have also played WoW and currently have an inactive level 70 Priest and level 70 Hunter. I have also casually played many others including EQ1 and EQ2, EVE, RFO, and a handful of others. I have also been in various beta's including SWG, WoW, LotrO, Vanguard, PotBS, RFO, EQ2, Tabula Rasa, and a few others.

Throughout my MMO experiences I have held many leadership positions, including being a guild leader for my SWG guild and RFO guild. I play for PvP and I play to win. Though I am easy going and get along with everyone; I like to have fun with the game too.

Particularly concerning PotBS, I am currently a level 20 Pirate. I have been throughly enjoying it so far! I have briefly experienced the various nations, but in the end, intend on playing at a Pirate~ I have experienced a mix between questing and grouping for pve fights in the open sea, which lead me in my search for a society to join. I read through the Legion of Shadows information page and I am looking forward to joining a mature society to strive together to expand as a whole and have fun in the process!

I hope to see you guys in the future!

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Ahoy Matey's~ My Application
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