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 Do you fear death?

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Asmym Livural
Shadow Captain
Asmym Livural

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PostSubject: Do you fear death?   Do you fear death? Icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2007 6:54 pm

In-game name: Asmym Livural

Nation: Pirate, of course

Profession: Pirate?

Age: 16

I'm a pirate who loves pina colada's, long walks on the beach, and getting caught in the rain. And wenches, I'm single. Cool

But seriously, I've been interestd in this game since I saw it in an E3 coverage for 2007. The graphics and gameplay totally blew me away, so I started looking for people who I'd be able to play with when it came out. I saw the Legion of Shadows and was impressed by the idea of using creativity rather than sheer firepower, and the quoting of Sun Tzu gave told me that these guys were serious, not just some group of noobs. I like the idea of having a group of "casually hardcore" gamers together, and thought that this group had great possibilities.

I'd like to join, because I fall into the group of "casually hardcore", and I also like thinking of creative ways to fight, rather than brute force. That's why I'd like to join, if you'll have me.
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Ronin Wolf
Shadow of The Round Table
Ronin Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Do you fear death?   Do you fear death? Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 10:14 am

Hey we would be happy to have you join us... you now have access to all private forums.

Right now we are all in kind of a comatose state being busy with other things while we wait for the release of PoBS so the forums arent as active as they have been but dont worry we will pick up alot as we get close to release.

Captain Ronin Wolf
Leader of the Legion of Shadows.

"A man with deep far-sightedness will survey both the beginning and the end of a situation and continually consider its every facet as important"
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Do you fear death?
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