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 The man the myth the legend.

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The man the myth the legend. Empty
PostSubject: The man the myth the legend.   The man the myth the legend. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2007 6:05 am

Some say he just appeared one dark night on the shores of madagascar. Rowing to shore on the back of a dead British general using the chewed off arm of the genral as a row. His tattered black clothes stained with red and his body covered in old wounds of many battles he had the look. Looking into his souless eyes anyone could tll you that he had been marooned for quite some time.

Not being known for his goodwill to men he burst through the doors of the local pirate tavern and sat at the bar. "Give me a bottle of rum." Kreptic demanded of the barkeep. The bartender abliged and handed the man the bottle saying " 1 doublon mate." Kreptic with a smile only a mother could appreciate grabbed hte bartenders head and smashed it on the oak top knocking loose a gold tooth. He handed the man his tooth amd said "keep the change."

Carrying his rum out the door Kreptic found a nice schooner docked at the rag tag port and decided this would do. Stealthy moving onto the ship only 3 crew wrere aboard to kieep watch. Kreptic jumped out of the shadows grabbing 2 of the crew by the neck while stairing at the third. "This be my ship and ye' be my crew or I send ye' to hell."

Heading out to the caribbean Kreptic screamed " I be coming for new adventure and the lives of any who cross me". His new crew being scared followed every order the captain gave them as they set sail towards there new fate.
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The man the myth the legend.
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